My name is Renata Rudzińska and I’m a founder of the women’s wear producing company.

Roxana is a project, that was born from my love to dresses, over two decades ago. In my opinion, every woman deserves to look beautiful. I design my dresses in mind of ladies that wear clothes in 40+ size. Well- fitted outfit adds confidence and makes us feel free in every moment of every day. I give plus size clients a little taste to what worldwide fashion houses and huge catwalks have to offer. In my projects I focus on trendy color scheme and interesting designs. Roxana is an addition to top designers’ collections, of dresses for every lady!


I believe that the dress in a one simple outfit, that with some accessories, makes a beautiful wholesome. I like to experiment and incorporate new ideas into life. I draw inspiration for my designs from my clients. Their questions and opinions, are for me the biggest source of knowledge and ideas. My designs sometimes stay ahead fashion trends. My brand Roxana is fashionable designs, fitted for women’s body, and colours liked by our clients. Our collections are manufactured in Poland, from where they are headed to shops and boutiques in all over the world. I’m proud of my brand Roxana. Work on this project gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction every day. I’m happy that my clients cherish my commitment to brand’s development, as well as high-quality of dresses.

Nasza firma uzyskała subwencję finansową udzieloną przez PFR PFR