ROXANA – It’s good to be a woman

Dress is a one simple piece of clothing that creates a beautiful outfit. Well- suited gown beautifies any woman. Roxana company for over two decades designs and manufactures dresses for women of any age. Following females’ expectations, we create clothing with passion, while keeping attention to every detail. In our collection you will find some classic, business, as well as evening gowns. Our products characterize with trendy color scheme, premium design and high quality. We focus on two main qualities of our products: elegance and chic comfort.

With our Roxana clothing we try to show that it is good to be a woman. As females we can take care of ourselves and present to the world in the best way possible. We encourage our clients to be the best version of themselves and find the right dress for them that will show character, also emphasise their figure.





Roxana is a brand that was made from the love to dresses. Women want to be taken care of every day. When a special occasion is coming near, they look for something very unique. Many customers approach us in spite of the fact that, they can’t find a right fit for themselves in traditional stores. For over twenty years we produce ladies’ wear. We stand by the thought, that well fitted dress boosts every women confidence. We design dresses you can wear every day, seasonal dresses, also elegant gowns. Our clients want to feel beautiful in their dress, despite what age are they.



Women enjoy wearing our dresses for many different occasions. As they say, thanks to our gowns they feel well taken care of and confident. As a producer, we follow the trends and create new collections according to the seasons. We make sure our clients are dressed stylishly, just like women in Italy or Paris. In NEW IN section you can always find new, unique dress.


What women want? To feel beautiful and special. In Bestsellers section we put dresses that are the most popular and valued by our clients. Ladies happily share their thoughts with us, about how they feel of their purchases. You need to check out which styles our clients choose most often.



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